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A Very Useful Program

I think this is a very useful program. I have stored all my credit card data, my web-site passwords, my computer passwords, bank card pins, and other stuff on it, and I have found it very handy to have this information available wherever I am. I also think that the user interface for this program is easy to use. I can get to the data I need with just a couple of taps. I looked at the previous comments, and I disagree. Many of them seem to be from people who never bought the program, and the complaints about being unable to contact the developers aren't true. I was able to ask a question of the developers using the email address on their web site, and got a quick and useful answer.

Don't buy this program

I lost all my information with the last update. An app that is that unstable should not be used to store critical information. I am so upset by this that getting my money back wouldn't begin to fix the problem! Don't buy this application if you value your information.

Great for what I need.....but....

I think it's great for storing some of my important information however, in the middle of entering information the application will just quit and take me back to the home screen on my iPhone. This has happened several times! So I end up having to enter the info. for that particular entry in again. SOOOOOO Frustrating!!!!!! This is something that should be looked into and FIXED! You can add your own groups now though. One good thing I guess!


Just bought it - too ridgid, cannot add fields or change the order of accounts once entered. Cannot get rid of the (unassigned group) or name groups. Keyboard does not always popup. I will keep using it for awhile and see if I get used to it. Overall does what it says.

Improvement suggestion and concern.

I like the interface and ease of entering info. However, I finished an entry and turned off my ipod. When I turned the unit on several hours later, the VAULT opened to the screen with all my passwords. Apparently you need to press your home button when done in order to "close" the vault. This should be a fix in a future release that it autocloses on power-down. Secondly, I was concerned when another reviewer stated that this data is transmitted over the internet. I need to know if this is in fact true. If so, I will use another application.

Can you TRUST this application??

It seemed like a nice application, but I had some concerns. For example on the notes page you get the space to write notes, but no keyboard. Then, like another reviewer, I thought it strange that the app seemed very anonymous. And, here I was entering my most sensitive data into an application that is connected to the Internet. I've just deleted it. I'm not ready to risk all my finances being uploaded to someone I have no reason to trust. 

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